The new Las Vegas Sun is really, really good.

Las Vegas Sun. Whoa. I liked it a few days ago when I looked at the homepage and an article page or two, but I keep going back and it keeps growing on me. Read Rob Curley’s rather informative take here, including the ridiculously constraining bits about the crazy JOA that makes the print edition […]

Is your is a big ball of mud?

Is your newspaper site a clean-looking, uniform grid of semantic (and validated!) code? Or is it a ‘big ball of mud,’ with includes (scotch tape) and javascript (bubble gum) holding together a jumble of disparate hunks of content? If you answered ‘YES’ to the first question, congratulations, you work at the New York Times, or […]

$100 million for e-paper firm – maybe you should start thinking about the future

Red Herring reports a British e-paper company locked up $100 million in venture capital. “The company plans to build the plant, with an initial capacity of a million displays a year, in the eastern Germany city of Dresden and start production in 2008. The company said demand for electronic readers is expected to climb to […]

The local follies: Finding the horizontal bonds in geographic communities

[Ed. note: Yeah, so that post title sounds like a clever research paper title, which it could certainly be, if I had the time and the inclination.] The Knight Foundation is giving away $25 million over five years to people like you with hyperlocal community news site ideas. Now that I have your attention… Online […]

The fundamentals of structured data

Still wondering how to cram all these cool new Web-based tools and toys into your newspaper’s content management system? What, you mean it didn’t come with a database to manage all those user-submitted photos you’re getting through your MySpace page? Even if you’re not quite that friendly with the social-networking set yet, chances are you’ve […]

Search drives serendipity, a continuing conversation

[Ed. note: This is the text of an e-mail I sent in reply to a comment a J-School professor from the University of Florida left on a post from a couple months ago regarding Serendipity on the Web. Part of his reply is posted at the end of this post.] Hi Prof. McKeen – Thanks […]

Sending you away so you’ll come back later

Well folks, I’m pretty much all blogged out on the whole New Newspapers thing for now. I’ve started to feel like a broken record playing a recording of a broken record where lots of people tell each other why they need to change how they run their businesses. I’m still reading plenty of on-topic stuff, […]

Pizzacasting for answers

I had an interesting time last night at the Pizzacast session. It was a small group with a wide range of interests (journalism, public relations, computer science, theater, business, aggregators), and the conversation ranged wildly from the on-topic question of what to teach in the upcoming New Media class at SJSU’s j-school, to some pleasantly […]

New Orleans hospital drama at Atlanta Journal-Constitution

There’s a huge 22-episode package running in print and online down at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution right now, and it takes the reader inside New Orleans hospitals during Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. From the introduction to the piece: To report this story, staff writer Jane O. Hansen interviewed more than 50 people over six months, […]