New Orleans hospital drama at Atlanta Journal-Constitution

There’s a huge 22-episode package running in print and online down at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution right now, and it takes the reader inside New Orleans hospitals during Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

From the introduction to the piece:

To report this story, staff writer Jane O. Hansen interviewed more than 50 people over six months, beginning two weeks after Hurricane Katrina hit, when recollections were still fresh.
She spent time in New Orleans, where she went through both hospitals. To interview sources, she also traveled to Nashville; Houston; Columbus, Ohio; and the Louisiana cities of Baton Rouge, Covington, Robert and Lake Charles.
While the story may read like a novel, it is reported using the same principles of accuracy and fairness we apply in every article.

The online elements include audio and photos, plenty of which were offered up by the subjects of the stories. There’s nothing fancy about the layout, but you can get the audio as a podcast in iTunes (a good and simple idea to keep people interested using the medium of their choice).