SJSU Skype meeting tonight, in person and, um, on Skype

[2nd UPDATE: Skype lives at SJSU for now. Details at Skype Journal.]

[UPDATE: Yeah, I totally didn’t tune in due to a scheduling conflict, but the word on the street is that SJSU will allow Skype usage. I’m wondering if we’re now a beta tester for Skype for Enterprise…]

There’s an open forum on the proposed Skype ban at SJSU tonight at 5pm, in Dwight Bentel Hall room 226.

Or, if like me, you can’t make it to campus today, just tune into the Skypecast. I’ll be there with my headset on.

Facebook is open to everyone, but still dead to me

You no longer need to be a student with a .edu e-mail address to register for Facebook, a social networking site generally viewed as #2 in the U.S. behind MySpace.

But there are a few buts.

First of all, if I want to identify myself as a student from the start, they still insist on a .edu address. Which I have. Somewhere. And by ‘somewhere,’ I mean ‘good luck trying to figure out how to access your .edu unix account at SJSU, even if you managed to get one a year and a half ago.’

So I can sign up as a ‘none of the above,’ or I can continue to ignore this social networking phenomenon, which most likely, a tiny fraction of SJSU students use, due to the aforementioned .edu address problem we have here.

Well, I went ahead and signed up as ‘none of the above,’ which makes me feel like a lurker, but whatever. Having to use my real name freaks me out a little, but I try not to say anything in these sort of places that I wouldn’t say hanging out in public somewhere.

I’ll try it out, but frankly, I already feel a little weird about it. Everyone can see me.

Maybe this is why ‘ugly’ MySpace succeeds: It looks so disorganized and chaotic that I can’t believe anyone could figure out how to violate my privacy if they wanted to.

Facebook, on the other hand, seems a little…what’s the word? Efficient.

Giving it a shot. I should be easy enough to find there if you’re looking for me.

Ten WordPress plugins that make this look easy

In honor of Daniel’s Blogger break-up, here are 10 WordPress plugins I use and recommend:

  • Ultimate Tag Warrior: Does a lot more than build that ugly/hot/buzzwordy tag cloud over on the right, it gives search engines a leg up on knowing what you’re writing about, which makes it easier for people to find you. Then, once they’re at your site, it gives them lots of handy links to read what interests them.
  • Tiger Style Administration: Makes your Admin panel look a lot more Mac-ish, and more importantly, it’s just plain nicer to look at than the default WordPress backend.
  • BA Stats: Simple stats on page hits, referrers, IP addresses, browsers used by your readers, etc. Bug Owen Winkler to put the plugin back up for download, though, because the project appears to have gone dormant.
  • Get Recent Comments: It gets recent comments. Oh, and puts them where you want them, like in your sidebar, for example. Very configurable.
  • Fuzzy Recent Posts: Like #4, but with your latest posts.
  • Angsuman’s Referrer Bouncer, Trackback Validator, Spam Karma 2, Bad Behavior: It’s hard to tell which of these is doing the lion’s share of the work, but I rarely ever have to see any comment or trackback spam on my blog. Obvious honorable mention to Akismet. I don’t know how this stuff works, but it gets the job done.
  • Random Quotes: I love this. It’s designed to display a random quote from a list you make in a handy admin-panel interface, but in theory, I think it could be used to display random images or other hunks of code. I use it for the different ‘About’ blurbs you see on the top right corner of this site.

Yeah, I count 11, too. I’m not a math major.

Add the 12th by leaving a comment and telling everyone the one WordPress plugin you don’t leave home without.