Make me cry.

I’ve been repeating versions of this on recent training rounds when folks ask about learning Flash, so I thought I’d post it here for reference and credit purposes…

Richard Koci Hernandez, near the end of a great Starter Kit page at Multimedia Shooter:

“Soundslides or Flash? Put it this way, if you don’t know what Soundslides is, then there’s no need to even think about Flash. And if you haven’t mastered Soundslides (meaning, brought someone to tears with your two minute Soundslide) there there is no reason to be thinking about Flash.”

Download Soundslides here.

1 thought on “Make me cry.”

  1. Yes, yes, YES!!! This is one of the truest things ever written about multimedia journalism.

    Too many people think Flash is something they need to know, but they don’t even know how to marry images and sound yet. Flash does not provide a good path to proficient online journalism. Soundslides is a very good start on that path.

    The stupidest answer in the world to the question “Why do you want to learn Flash?” is:

    “Because I want to produce audio slideshows.”


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