Cross-pollinate or shrivel

I’m profoundly enthralled by things like rapid news-driven development in Django, and building a CMS that can switch from a beautiful feature layout to a Drudge-like breaking news linkbomb on a dime, and of course, leveraging the steady stream of free embeddable tools showing up online every day for your own newsy purposes. But none […]

Inventing journalism

I’ve been reading Guns, Germs & Steel for months now. (I take these bound paper items you people call ‘books’ slowly sometimes.) There’s a number of striking stories about technology, innovation, and invention in the chapter I’m in the middle of right now. One of those stories is about the QWERTY keyboard layout, which was […]

Five ways to innovate today

A colleague looking for a few new ways to integrate free Web services into his newsroom asked me to chip in with a list of five, so here they are. A note to student journalists: These are all free and easy ways to get something new and different online, and they probably serve a need […]

The eleventh obvious thing: Your subscribers are dying

Here’s a newsroom exercise sure to drive a stake of fear squarely into the heart of your circulation manager: Count the number of obituaries printed in your paper in the last year for local residents over the age of 60. Now compare that number to your paper’s drop in circulation over the same period. If […]