A lesson in covering breaking news on campus from the Daily Iowan

The first thing I thought when I heard a tornado hit the Iowa City and the University of Iowa last night was “I bet the Daily Iowan has video up.” Sure enough, the student newspaper has a package of stories, plus some fantastic tornado-at-night video, including shots of students watching and describing the scene.

The Iowan already has regular video features – they seem to run a broadcast-style news report on a regular basis, and I have no idea if the print and broadcast programs in the J-School there cooperate to put video content on the newspaper’s site, or if the newspaper has a broadcast of its own. Any Iowans out there want to clue me in?

Either way, nice job.

At the Spartan Daily, we’ve got the October 18, 1989 issue of our student newspaper hanging on the wall to remind us that even if there is an earthquake, we will get a paper out. Anyone for an earthquake-coverage-preparedness drill?

[UPDATE: They’ve been, er, updating the site all day long, posting everything from aerial photos to news about the impending implosion of damaged buildings.]

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  1. and why don’t they have an online submission form for pictures and videos from students so they can link to them. They wouldn’t even need to host the videos are pics, since google let’s individuals use it for free.


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