The print edition – y’know – for kids

Fellow SJSU grad student Patrick Dwire has a great cover story in this week’s Santa Cruz Good Times, one of our intrepid alternative weeklies here in the Cruz.

Patrick takes a look at what newspapers all over the country are doing to try and hook the 18-24 set. (Note to self: I’m not the target market. Sigh.)

Here’s why it’s important:

“The fate of newspapers may be more symptomatic of larger social shifts away from civic engagement and social pressures to be informed and involved, as well as rising criticism of the news media generally. The prognosis for well-informed young electorate keeping up with complex issues through local TV newscasts and Internet news portals is almost as depressing as newspaper readership statistics.”

What have newspapers done about it? Patrick has some great detail on the launches (and success/failure) of youth-oriented tabloids, weeklies, etc.

Check out the article… in print or online.

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  1. Heh. I didn’t want anyone to think I was sucking up to my editor… Good quote, though, boss.


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