Blog templates, online newspaper layout, server issues

Jeff Jarvis laments the lack of creativity in blog templates.

It sounds like he’s looking for a front page with different categories, or a taste of different pages on the front page. I certainly like the idea – I know not everyone reading what I write about the JMC department or the Daily is necessarily interested in what I think of the OPML editor or Gmail, and they certainly aren’t interested in pictures of my cat. No wait, everyone likes that.

Anyway, Jarvis cites SF State’s student newspaper as a good use of blog software, apparently Movable Type, to put together a front page with lots of options.

Actually, I’ve looked at this site a number of times in trying to come up with ideas for the Spartan Daily site redesign (the second one, already finished).

I love the idea of doing something more like SFSU, more like the NYT online, more like, well, the Web.

But we’re locked into certain models by our hosting provider. They give us hosting and archives and we give them two or three national ad spots on our page. To really carve up our front page to look like something more our own and less like a default template, we’d need more time to dig deeper into the code, and no one has that right now.
Notice that the SFSU newspaper site is hosted at SFSU. At San Jose State, we’re pushing for a webserver to call our own, but there’s a few layers of bureaucracy and university politics to get through there. We have been allowed to set up a couple sites on a server within the domain, and we’re over the bureacratic/technical/political problems there, except for the fact that a blackout last week knocked our server’s default date back to 1970, meaning that all our content dated 2005 and 2006 will display again in about 35 years… E-mails to support have gone unanswered, [UPDATE: I find it disturbing that I get answers to support email on Sundays, but whatever. I’m hearing that the admin-types are going to find us room on a real server instead of whatever Mac OSX box we’re running on now.] and we don’t have admin access to the server to fix it ourselves. (Yes, we could set the dates on our posts to 1969, but there’s gotta be a more proper solution for this problem)
So do we really want our newspaper on a local server?

Sure, but only if we’ve got full access to it. And plus there are issues about how “independent” the Daily is. We use university electricity, right? I figure web hosting should be treated the same way, but the network security folks aren’t so sure.

Okay, end of rant.

Anyway, Jarvis is right about blogs needing some more template-creativity. I’m trying to fit in a redesign of this blog somewhere in between…well, everything else I have to do (not a little). I like to believe that categories and/or tag clouds can help readers find what they’re looking for without needing a four-column front page full of tiny little headlines and story summaries.