The new Las Vegas Sun is really, really good.

Las Vegas Sun. Whoa. I liked it a few days ago when I looked at the homepage and an article page or two, but I keep going back and it keeps growing on me. Read Rob Curley’s rather informative take here, including the ridiculously constraining bits about the crazy JOA that makes the print edition […]

Jerry Ceppos critiques the Spartan Daily

Jerry Ceppos, former news executive at Knight Ridder, is in the middle of a series of guest lectures and conversations in classes here at the SJSU School of Journalism & Mass Communications. Today, Ceppos is in the Spartan Daily newsroom, taking over the usual critique. Highlights… Make sure the stories in your paper connect to […]

Blog templates, online newspaper layout, server issues

Jeff Jarvis laments the lack of creativity in blog templates. It sounds like he’s looking for a front page with different categories, or a taste of different pages on the front page. I certainly like the idea – I know not everyone reading what I write about the JMC department or the Daily is necessarily […]