Basic Maths for Invisible Inkling

Believe it or not, I’ve redesigned this blog, yet again. Well, sort of. Ahem, more accurate: Believe it or not, I purchased the Basic Maths WordPress theme by Khoi Vinh and Allan Cole. So here’s the deal. I’m tired of redesigning this blog. For more than five years, yes, it’s been my primary — albeit […]

Minor redesign of this here blog

I’ve been whittling away at this at random hours in between 642 other small projects, so feel free to click through and have a look at my handiwork. Major goals of this minor redesign included: Play with the header graphic. (Done.) Fix the FriendFeed stream and make it useful. (Done.) Clean things up, remove some […]

im in ur filez, redezning ur websitez

I’m starting to peel back the layers of plugins and turn on some new stuff, so don’t be alarmed, dear readers (both of you), if things break around here for parts of tonight and tomorrow. So, why not go look at some cute cats instead of reading the usual hand-wringing, eh? (Five minutes later…) …Well […]

Unexpected browser/resolution combinations

I’ve been tweaking the design of this site, doing less and less testing in IE6, but yesterday I saw something I hadn’t thought of. Wish I had a picture, but you’ll have to imagine it for now: Some editors and page designers keep their monitors oriented vertically, instead of horizontally. Combine that with IE6, and […]