Unexpected browser/resolution combinations

I’ve been tweaking the design of this site, doing less and less testing in IE6, but yesterday I saw something I hadn’t thought of. Wish I had a picture, but you’ll have to imagine it for now:

Some editors and page designers keep their monitors oriented vertically, instead of horizontally. Combine that with IE6, and the third column of this site does a quick disappearing act.

Maybe next week I’ll get around to doing some repair work on the site, but not right now.

So to all those in newsrooms wondering why I think I know how to design a page when mine doesn’t work for you — I’ll get to it. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Unexpected browser/resolution combinations”

  1. It looks like the problem had more to do with me doing design work on my lunch hour and forgetting to finish, test in IE6 later. Mmmm IE6. Can’t get enough of that. Anyway, I fixed things by un-tweaking things I wasn’t in love with. Moderate redesign to come by Christmas, I think. This is my playground…


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