4 replies on “BarCamp NewsInnovation – Philadelphia”

  1. We should definitely go and represent da ‘house.

    If I were going, I’d hold a session about development that I would spin into a Q&A.


  2. I see how it is.

    This is one of those blogs where the author doesn’t participate in the conversation. A veritable one-way street of journalistic wheezing.

    I hope that you spill Fanta on yourself.

  3. Zoinks, Scooby, a man can have a weekend, can’t he?

    Plus, it took me 12 hours to figure out which ‘house you were talking about.

    I’m planning to go and represent the ReportingOn/WiredJournalists sphere as it exists in April 2009, and yes, of course, I’d present about something like social networking for journalists, or maybe about how news organizations can use these tools in the same way to knit themselves into the stream of local and topical information.

    That’s the plan…

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