Looking forward to ONA10

As I write this over breakfast, deep in the suburbs of our nation’s capital, ONA10 is already getting started, bleary-eyed workshop participants wandering the hotel halls in search of coffee, out-of-state attendees drifting through airports and trains and cabs and… OK, I’m probably romanticizing this way out of proportion, but the honest truth is that […]

Five Keys to Authenticity

A few days ago at the annual APSE convention, I led two sessions on Networked Journalism.  On the way down to Pittsburgh from Rochester in the car, I tried to work out an idea I’ve been playing with for a while. Authenticity. Not authority, or reliability, or popularity, but a more difficult to quantify metric […]

Upcoming proof of my physical existence: Boston and Pittsburgh

I’ll be showing up in person in at least two different places outside the lush springtime confines of Western New York over the next few weeks, believe it or not. The rough details Next week, I’ll be in Cambridge, Ma. at MIT for the Future of News and Civic Media Conference, including the announcements of […]

BarCamp NewsInnovation update: Regional in January, NYC in April

Jason Kristufek is proposing the details for a set of regional BarCamps to get “smart, cool, tech-savvy media industry folks together in an environment that doesn’t acknowledge rules or boundaries to help solve problems and create best practices.” This grew out of reaction to the recent closed-door API newspaper executive meeting, where, as best as […]

Let’s go BARcamp on the API CEO meetup

Know what Foo Camp is?  Know what BarCamp is? OK, now that we have that out of the way, Jason Kristufek is calling for a “summit” of future-of-news hotshots/thinkers as a counterpoint to the recent American Press Institute mostly-executives meeting of the minds. Sounds like a BarCamp to me.  Like Jason, I’m not entirely sure […]