If I had the time, I would write about Digital Sunlight, Bring a Professor Night, and BarCamp NewsInnovation

  • Publish2 begins a Digital Sunlight campaign, encouraging citizen journalists to contribute information about stimulus spending to a pool of coverage.
  • Next Sunday is “Bring A Professor Night” at CollegeJourn, a new-ish weekly live chat about the state of student media and j-school.
  • BarCamp NewsInnovation is growing quickly, and about as distributed as can be expected, with upcoming events in Chicago and Portland on this Saturday and Miami on Sunday.  (I’ll be at the national wrap-up of these in Philadelphia, April 25.)

Every time I wave the “oh, my, I’m afraid I don’t have much time to blog these days” flag I end up writing six posts in a day, but just in case I don’t follow through this time, consider that flag waved.  However, keep in mind, the real hip-hop is over there.  There, in this case, being my Friendfeed stream, where you can find all my pithy little commentary and benefit from my habitual oversharing of useful linkery.

(Oh, and if you really want to know which side project is keeping me busy these days, check out what I wrote for IdeaLab a few days ago: ReportingOn is Back in the Lab.)

Quick interview for BCNIPhilly

Sean Blanda hit me up today for a quick attendee interview for BCNIPhilly — that’s BarCamp NewsInnovation for the uninitiated, and you should show up to tell everyone about that cool project you’ve been busting your butt on for the last N days, weeks, or months.

Here’s the tough last question from Sean:

“Final question, and its an impossible task. With one word, finish this sentence: What the news industry really needs is ___.”

Anyone care to answer that?  It took me two words.

And then I expanded.

BarCamp NewsInnovation update: Regional in January, NYC in April

Jason Kristufek is proposing the details for a set of regional BarCamps to get “smart, cool, tech-savvy media industry folks together in an environment that doesn’t acknowledge rules or boundaries to help solve problems and create best practices.”

This grew out of reaction to the recent closed-door API newspaper executive meeting, where, as best as anyone who wasn’t in the room can tell, nothing was achieved.

So, Jason and a group of people, all of whom work on the front lines of the changing newspaper business rather than the corner office, are planning to start gathering some alternate troops.

That would be you.  Are you in?  Check out the list of proposed regional meetups and post your feedback now.  See you there.

[UPDATE: Of course, you’ll want to bang on the wiki.]

BarCamp: NewsInnovation

Jason Kristufek has opened up a wiki for BarCamp / NewsInnovation:

“The idea is to get energetic, tech-savvy, open-minded individuals who embrace the chaos in the media industry because the ability to do really cool things still exist. We also need find those people outside of our industry who love to consume news and information and are great thinkers and innovators.”

Will you be there?

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