You are the future of journalism. Aren’t you?

Without much preamble, I highly recommend you enter Publish2’s “Are you the future of journalism?” contest, wherein you can WIN A JOB.

Considering how many journalists lost their jobs today, and how many likely will lose their jobs tomorrow, and how many have lost their jobs this year, I’m betting there’s a pretty big pool of talent out there.

So before you start looking for a gig in public relations, please consider the simple idea that you need not work for a newspaper to call yourself a journalist.

This isn’t about who has the thickest resume:  You can submit your entry as a video, slide show, or plain text i that’s what you’re into.

(I’d probably go with a fast-paced screencast-style presentation, but that’s just me.)

More details about the contest and the opportunity in Scott Karp’s blog post about it.

Published by Ryan Sholin

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