P E R S O N A L   N E W S

Seriously, when did we start calling new job news “personal news” and why? It’s professional news. It’s just me, getting a new job. Personal news is “we adopted a dog” (we did!) or “we’re having another kid” (we’re not!) or maybe “we’re moving to New York” (also not happening!). But other things *are* happening. Personal […]

On the first day of film school at NYU…

…one department head or another asked the 140 freshman wanna-be Spielbergs/Godards/Raimis* in the room to raise their hand if they wanted to be a Director. Many, including me, raised our hands. The faculty response: “You’ll be lucky if four of you make it.” (I’m paraphrasing. This happened in 1994.) When I talk to journalism students, […]

Thanks, Howard.

As you may or may not have heard by now, my boss at the office, Howard Owens, has moved on. I just want to take a moment to publicly say thanks to Howard here, and more than obviously, to wish him the best in whatever endeavor other people might call his “job” next. Personally, I […]