Only hire the best.

From Yoni Greenbaum, on the topic of outsourcing applications, the division of print and online newsrooms, and the hiring of online journalists:

“We all know that, increasingly, online is where the money is, but it will take talent to earn it. I would urge newspapers to make sure they’re paying their online employees appropriately; if new positions open, hire the best you can afford. This is one place where you don’t want to go with the lowest bidder and more importantly, this one place where wrestling with a difficult issue and ultimately making the bad choice won’t do.”

I’ll take that next step: Newspapers should be hiring reporters who can work in more than one medium. As we repeat over and over again, the days of the one-tool player are long, long gone.

If you want to work in this business, pick up at least one Web skill, or best of luck to you and your print clips.

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3 replies on “Only hire the best.”

  1. I’ll do you one better: When your newsroom is permitted to hire an “online producer” to do brainless monkey work, alone, at night, tap seven reporters and inform them that each one must now do one night shift a week in the monkey-work job.

    Then use the freakin’ salary to hire a skilled young (hungry) online journalist to do REAL online work!! Like, something that might actually interest your community!

    I am sick and tired of newsroom managers who interview my best students and then offer them a monkey job. Way to shoot yourself in the other foot, folks.

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