My advice to journalism students

I’ve been through most of this before, either in blog posts or in person, whenever I get the chance to talk with journalism students, but it’s worth repeating. A few tweets this week seem to have proved that, so I’m putting this updated compendium of my advice together for posterity. My advice to journalism students […]

On the first day of film school at NYU…

…one department head or another asked the 140 freshman wanna-be Spielbergs/Godards/Raimis* in the room to raise their hand if they wanted to be a Director. Many, including me, raised our hands. The faculty response: “You’ll be lucky if four of you make it.” (I’m paraphrasing. This happened in 1994.) When I talk to journalism students, […]

If you think online news is difficult…

If using a Web-based content management system is difficult, try putting together a print edition in an old version of Quark and then come back and tell me how hard it is to push the Publish button. If editing video takes too long, then go back to developing your own prints in the darkroom. If […]

Links that redefine news

Wednesday night, I’ll be speaking with Steve Sloan’s New Media class at San Jose State University. I’m planning to show off some of the best of your work. Yes, you. I’m looking for online news sites and projects that stray from the traditional definition of news. I’m assuming these journalism students get enough Gloom & […]

Ahead of the game

Some journalism school students have reason to worry. They’re a few months away from graduating in 2008 with a print-and-A1-photo skillset circa 1988. But five clips and a smile won’t get you much of a competitive edge these days in an increasingly crowded job market for reporters with straight-ahead text skills. Mindy McAdams drives that […]

Why shoot newspaper video?

Have I been over this ground before? Not sure. I think I’ve thrown around some adoption steps for newspaper video, and I’ve spouted all the necessary YMMV caveats for news organizations of varying resources. But here’s the deal: Not so far in the future, you’ll be sitting in a conference room trying to show a […]