Getting all networked up in New York City

I’ll be at tomorrow’s Networked Journalism Summit in beautiful scenic midtown Mannahatta tomorrow, completely amazed at the level of talent, skill and intelligence that will be around.

I plan to stare slackjawed at y’all like the upcountry yokel I am.

That’s not exactly true. I’m sure I’ll find something to talk about.

But I am particularly excited to hang around folks from all corners of the MSM/blog/citizen-journalism world. Here’s a list of 56 write-ups of attendees, and here’s the full list of people expected to show their mugs.

It’s hard to cherrypick names from the list and say ‘Darn, I sure hope I get a chance to talk with ______,’ but if it gives me a leg up and reminds them of who I am when they spot my name tag tomorrow, let’s just throw a few names out there:

  • Dwight Silverman of the Houston Chronicle
  • Dan Pacheco of
  • Lisa Williams of H20Town
  • Derek Willis of the Washington Post
  • Rick Burnes of FMAtlas
  • and of course, the hosts, Jeff Jarvis of BuzzMachine and David Cohn of ‘OMG I can’t believe we still have to write a thesis after all this.’ 😉

Track me down, send a Tweet @gort581, leave a comment here, find me on Facebook, or just look for the guy with the, uh, gray shirt, and glasses, and hair. Yeah, I’ll just find a sharpie and write my URL on my forehead or something. We’ll chat. It’ll be fun.

3 thoughts on “Getting all networked up in New York City”

  1. ha!!!
    Good news though. My thesis done did got turned in. I’m free!!!!! (Mostly at least — i’ll tell you more tomorrow).

    Looking forward to finally meeting.


  2. I wish I could go. Either or would be find for me, I’ve never been to New York or a journalist’s convention. All of the anime, comic book, and horror conventions have eaten into my professional networking budget. But, they’ve all led to interesting clips.


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