Thanks to everyone who noticed the pillow-soft launch of in the only link in my Resolutions post, and especially to those of you who commented, e-mailed, tweeted, or blogged about the project. At the moment, it’s just an URL, an idea, and a comment thread, but it’s building momentum, and that’s pleasant. A few […]

“We know what to do, but we can’t get it done.”

To elaborate on the somewhat derisive one-liner (about Jay Rosen’s New Assignment plan for beat blogging with a social network) that I dropped into a post a couple days ago… I think it’s a great idea. It will work. Good stories will come out of the project. And that’s where I get off the bus, […]

A few last notes on the Networked Journalism Summit

Thanks to everyone who took a few minutes to talk with me yesterday. The whole putting-faces-with-names bit is really underrated. In no order (I’ll give chronological half a chance), with no hope of remembering everyone, here are a few notes to folks I met in person for the first time at the summit: Scott Karp: […]

A few ways to teach the Pro side of Pro-Am Journalism to J-School students

Jay Rosen was just on stage talking about (see his lessons learned post at PressThink), and one thing that comes up is training on both the Pro and the Amateur side to smooth the process of writing/editing stories and gathering/parsing data. So how can J-School students who need to learn these new skills (this […]

Who’s your community site manager in the newsroom?

Questions I have coming out of the first session: For newspapers with community sites, like Bakersfield and Raleigh, who is the go-to person in your newsroom for managing threads, policing comments, and general cheerleading for the site? Do you have a dedicated position leading it or is it rolled into other Web roles? Is cloud-seeding […]

Getting all networked up in New York City

I’ll be at tomorrow’s Networked Journalism Summit in beautiful scenic midtown Mannahatta tomorrow, completely amazed at the level of talent, skill and intelligence that will be around. I plan to stare slackjawed at y’all like the upcountry yokel I am. That’s not exactly true. I’m sure I’ll find something to talk about. But I am […]

I don’t care what journalists are reading; I care what they’re writing

Scott Karp and friends (and those are some pretty smart friends) are up to something interesting, but I sure as heck can’t tell what it is based on a rambling post at the new It sounds like something that’s supposed to clean up all the doubling and overlapping of social networks the media blogger […]

Just the FAQs, please

Jeff Jarvis on the Local Challenge: “The biggest challenge facing local news organizations today is figuring out how they can gather more and produce less. That is, how can they help other people produce, so the news organizations have something worth gathering?” Gather more and produce less, indeed. It’s hard for lifelong newsroom types to […]