Inspiration overload

It’s great that everyone in the online journalism/multimedia/interactivity/data layered network of posses (myself included) shares all the cool stuff they find via blogs and delicious and twitter and podcasts and vlogs and screencasts and tutorials and e-mail and phone calls and all, but wow do I need a break or what.

It is inspiration overload out there, folks, and for those of us still early on that adoption curve, it can be pretty overwhelming, as Daniel said, to look at the great work getting produced at places like the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Mercury News, PBS and out there in the wider Web, and think to ourselves, “When do I get to build something like that?”

For a lot of us, the answer is “Soon.” But a quick look at the credits of these projects finds big teams, whole departments devoted to graphics and squadrons of photographers shooting with HD cameras. As I’ve said before, different resources yield different results, and we all need to find the magic formula that works for the team we’re on.

The first step, as a co-worker put it yesterday, is to take one log and saw it all the way through. Then move on to the next log.

I’m working on one log in particular this week. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  1. A very wise man once told me that the guy who built the Taj Mahal had to build a lot of shacks first. It’s all about patience, building skills and being ready when the chance comes.


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