How would you create an online community at SJSU?

Daniel Sato, online editor of the Spartan Daily student newspaper at San Jose State University, is trying to come up with a way to let readers vote their own stories up the charts, to tackle the twin problems of there being little sense of community at SJSU (online OR off, in my opinion) and organizations constantly complaining that the school paper ignores them.

He’s talking about using Pligg to build a site where clubs and teams can essentially submit links to their own stories, and then the readers can vote on them as they please, a la Digg.

Will it work?

I’m skeptical, but then again, the first time Daniel pointed me to Digg, I wrote the site off as a bunch of losers who didn’t know anything about the stories they were voting on.

What do you think? Would you give your readers a “Submit This” button and then let them vote stories up and down a user-generated-content page?

Go tell Daniel.

1 thought on “How would you create an online community at SJSU?”

  1. Thanks for the advice; you’re right. I’m a journalist first, and a blogger second. There’s no need to possibly ruin my credibility to make a buck. It ain’t worth it.

    P.S. That’s cool that Daniel is doing that. I wonder if he’s also going to incorporate Twiki (Wiki) functionality into it. That’d be cool too. I know Stephen Greene started the JMC Friends wiki, but that’s not doing too well. A more high-profile site like The Spartan Daily’s might have more luck.


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