Building communities from Twitter posts — Matt McAlister

Interesting method — run feeds into a Yahoo Pipe and route that into Pligg, plus, spit a twitterfeed with a prefix back out to the mothership. Little to no code involved, but no database pivot points at the Pligg site (like usernames, tags, dates, etc.) I think. Building communities from Twitter posts — Matt […]

How would you create an online community at SJSU?

Daniel Sato, online editor of the Spartan Daily student newspaper at San Jose State University, is trying to come up with a way to let readers vote their own stories up the charts, to tackle the twin problems of there being little sense of community at SJSU (online OR off, in my opinion) and organizations […]

How to juggle multimedia and Digg interactivity

In two back-channel online news discussions this week, folks have been debating how newspapers should be gathering video and how they should handle comment moderation. The video discussion among Howard Owens, Mindy McAdams, and others, is notable because the question is no longer IF newspapers should be running video online (Yes) or HOW they should […]