Daniel Pepper negotiates everyday journalistic problems…

…in Beirut. And when you’re a photojournalist based in Beirut, getting Hezbollah to credential you for their events becomes an important part of your job.

It’s not exactly getting a University press pass to cover the volleyball game, but you get the idea.

As Daniel wrote in a recent post about his ongoing Hezbollah melodrama, it’s sort of like dealing with a girl who doesn’t want to date you. The two of you go through an elaborate courting process, maybe hook up once or twice, and then you make some tactical error (you can insert your own clever example), and before you know it she’s telling you Hezbollah security said no to your application.

A sidenote of course, is that even Hezbollah is laden with layers of bureaucracy. What does it take to run a frigging revolutionary organization around here, anyway?

Daniel’s blog is here and his mind-enhancing photos of Darfur, Kurdistan, Haiti, and more are here.