Thanks to everyone who noticed the pillow-soft launch of in the only link in my Resolutions post, and especially to those of you who commented, e-mailed, tweeted, or blogged about the project. At the moment, it’s just an URL, an idea, and a comment thread, but it’s building momentum, and that’s pleasant. A few […]

Deadline Day, v1.0

Today I turn in 12, count ’em, 12 copies of my 33-page thesis proposal. (The first draft was longer, believe it or not.) I finished it up last night shortly before 1am, but it’s safe to assume I’ll get it back in September with conditional approval (I hope) and notes on mechanical changes, plus a […]

New Media class at SJSU

Journalism 163, taught by Steve Sloan and Cynthia McCune (at least one section – are there others?), opens for business at SJSU this week. It’s hard to give this thing a name, and I don’t want to contribute any more than I already have to the handwringing and head-scratching over what it should be, or […]

Notes on the perils of constructed objectivity

I mentioned objectivity a few posts ago, with the promise that I’d get around to putting up something I wrote on the topic for a class. I’m not going into the details of “What’s a literature review?” and I’m certainly ignoring the question “What’s a mini-lit-review?” For your enjoyment, here’s my short literature review on […]

SJSU blogger shout out time

There are a bunch of bloggers these days in the SJSU journalism program, and although I don’t regularly point out the ones who aren’t writing about media much, I do catch plenty of what they write in the feed vacuum known as my aggregator. So without further preamble… Andrew the “Soapbox Prophet” hasn’t posted since […]

A quick riff on objectivity

I’m not going to go at length about the End of Objectivity, or even the perils of objectivity, although I should get around to posting a little literature review and presentation I wrote on the topic awhile back. But here’s a good concrete example of how awkward it can be sometimes to include “both” sides […]

Talking points for a visit to Journalism 132

[I’m sitting in on Prof. Greene’s information gathering classes this morning…] Hi everyone. I’m supposed to be providing some constructive criticism on your blog posts, but the odds are pretty good that I’ll be going off on a tangent or three, so here are links to a few things I figure I’ll be rambling on […]

A pair of photojournalism events at SJSU

If you’re a photojournalist, an art photographer, or a J-School student interested in multimedia journalism, you should check out Dai Sugano’s talk Thursday April 13th at an SJSU NPPA event. Sugano shoots for the San Jose Mercury News and works on a small team of photographers, editors, and web producers putting together multimedia presentations at […]

Looking for jobs in all the right places

Every j-school student knows about sites like Journalism Jobs and Craig’s List, but have you ever searched for gigs on Simply Hired, Beyond, or PageBites? Luckily, you don’t have to. Instead, try using the search engine. Go to, enter what you’re looking for in the search box, and click on “Jobs.” Here’s a […]