SJSU blogger shout out time

There are a bunch of bloggers these days in the SJSU journalism program, and although I don’t regularly point out the ones who aren’t writing about media much, I do catch plenty of what they write in the feed vacuum known as my aggregator.

So without further preamble…

Andrew the “Soapbox Prophet” hasn’t posted since before Spring Break, but you can find his webcam videos at Google Video, including recent talks by Salam Pax and Terence Smith.

It looks like Mark is toying around with a blog, which is what I would recommend all nascent bloggers do at this point, especially if you don’t want to start mucking about with HTML and CSS code in Blogger. Be sure to follow the trail of links to Mark’s other writing (fiction?), especially the piece about escaping a Bangalore call center job.

Laura has been posting occassionally this semester at her J-Life blog. She’s doing most of her writing for that newsprint-based publication in the JMC building, so we’ll cut her some slack for not writing enough new stuff here.

Fling93 — yet another photographer with a blog — writes in so many places I lose track of what I’ve seen and what I haven’t, but if you’re brave enough, drop by and check out what he’s got to say about school, technology, and fish.

There’s a few more regular SJSU-media-bloggers in the sidebar to the right, but you knew that already.

I’m sure I’ve missed plenty of folks here, so drop a comment with your URL and I’ll check it out!

5 thoughts on “SJSU blogger shout out time”

  1. Ryan,
    Thanks for your recognition of my blog! It’s really encouraging. I’m expanding my blogosphere (is this the right term?) to two new blogs: one about type 1 diabetes and one for getting feedback for some fictional writing I’m doing (both at blogspot). Thanks again for the encouragement.



  2. Hey thanks. Yeah fiction definitely grants me much more leeway in terms of flowery prose.

    I’ll definitely try to return the favor once a spot of free time turns up.


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