My trip to the Resource Recovery Facility and Recycling Center

[UPDATE: If you Google “santa cruz dump” then you find this post.  Funny how that works.] First of all, it’s a dump. Seriously. What is this “Resource Recovery Facility and Recycling Center” you speak of, city of Santa Cruz? Do you have any idea how difficult it was to use teh Internets to figure out […]

The Mystery Spot and other poorly-kept secrets

It took me almost three months to finish this roll of black & white film, (That’s the old stuff with the sprocket holes, kids.) but I like what I’ve got, despite having to run everything through a little extra photoshopping to get rid of some weird scanner gridlines that were overlaid on top of everything. […]

Cheers and jeers: Local media coverage of student protests for immigrant rights

Thousands of California high school students walked out of classes on Monday, adding their voices to the weekend’s protests against proposed legislation, still pending in the U.S. House of Representatives, that would make being an illegal immigrant a felony. Sounds like a great story, right? Lots of minority teenagers organizing on their own to take […]

Blue Plate Special: Editor Blogs

Over at the Blue Plate Special, which still has that “new blog” smell, Jay Rosen and some of his students are breaking down the details on newspapers that blog. Here’s a great post on John Robinson, editor of the blog-happy Greensboro News & Record in North Carolina. Briana Mowrey, a grad student in NYU’s j-school, […]

The editors are blogging – and they have opinions. Should they?

The Santa Cruz Sentinel is running a pair of blogs. (Full disclosure: I live in Santa Cruz, and rarely purchase a print edition of any of the three papers I can easily find at the corner store.) One of the blogs is an “Editors’ Notebook” written by Editor Tom Honig and Managing Editor Don Miller. […]