The Carnival of Journalism Revival Traveling Medicine Show

A couple years back, a sprawling cadre of journalism bloggers (myself included) participated — at least, for a few months — in a blog carnival. Now without getting into the sordid details of what makes a blog carnival, and [INSERT CRACK ABOUT HOW NOBODY BLOGS ANYMORE BECAUSE YOU ALL HAVE THE TWITTERS AND WHATNOTS], it […]

Wabbit season, duck season, conference season, soccer season

I missed Vloggercon and Bloggercon. Gnomedex was too far away. The World Cup – also a bit of distance to cover (Yeah, so we were in Italy for most of it, but who’s counting.). Okay, that wasn’t a conference, and I did manage to watch quite a bit of it, including the final (Forza Azzurri!). […]

Geek pizza dinner tonight

Just a reminder: There’s a geek dinner tonight for anyone and everyone interested in talking about the New Media (lab?) class being offered next semester at SJSU’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications. If you’re an undergrad or grad student planning on taking classes in the department next semester, stop by for a slice (and/or […]