A pair of photojournalism events at SJSU

If you’re a photojournalist, an art photographer, or a J-School student interested in multimedia journalism, you should check out Dai Sugano’s talk Thursday April 13th at an SJSU NPPA event.

Sugano shoots for the San Jose Mercury News and works on a small team of photographers, editors, and web producers putting together multimedia presentations at the Mercury News photography site. He’s also an SJSU alum and Spartan Daily veteran.
Also at SJSU right now, there’s a Chicano Photographer exhibit at King Library, put together by J-School alumnus Jesus Garza.

Garza graduated in 1978, and the five images on display are part of a proposal for a larger project.

Who Needs Ink? Ceppos, Gillmor, and more at a panel talk tonight, free for students

There’s a Commonwealth Club event on the Future of Newspapers tonight at San Jose City Hall.

It’ll cost non-members $15, which I think is a little weird for a public event at City Hall, but whatever. It’s free for students, so check that link and read the fine print. I called the number and left a message with my info, so hopefully I’ll end up on the list. If so, you can expect a post or two about it from me tomorrow. (I’d blog a little bit live tonight, but I doubt the SJSU wireless reaches City Hall. Anyone know if that flashy new building has an open wifi network?)

See you there…

Silicon Valley gazillionaires all pass on the Merc

Thanks, but no thanks, say New Media moguls and other companies and individuals with money to burn. The LA Times says no Silicon Valley moneymakers are stepping up to buy the San Jose Mercury News … then again, the LAT article doesn’t say much, but there are more links and commentary on the Knight Ridder orphan papers on the Peninsula Press Club blog and, of course, at Romenesko.

Bids on the 12 papers that make up the leftovers of McClatchy’s KR purchase are due today.