Interview: Chris Krewson on changes at and the Inquirer

Last night, I took an unceremonious break from my self-imposed Romenesko diet. I had seen a stream of tweets and blog posts and shared links about something that sounded crazy coming out of Philadephia. The word going around, more or less, was that the Philadelphia Inquirer was going to hold stories back from the Web, […]

10 blogs your newspaper needs to rip off

I’m making a short list of frequently updated news blogs published by mainstream news organizations that post breaking news and link out to other sources. If you run a and you don’t have a blog like this to put together links and short updates, ask yourself why not. These are all great examples of […]

Giving your sources blogs cuts out the middleman

A few days ago, Dave Winer wrote: “I’ve said it many times before, it’s worth raising again. Any newspaper or radio or TV station with a good reputation in its community could embrace the fresh ideas of the bloggers in their community by offering free blogs to members of the community, who may be new […]

A story that didn’t fit in the paper

I was skimming Mark Glaser’s Jennifer Woodard Maderazo’s round-up of online mappety map goodness at MediaShift a minute ago when I saw a link to the LA Times crime blog Homicide Report and remembered that it was one I wanted to check in on as a reference point for something we’re taking about brewing up […]

Newspaper blogs appear to be hitting the takeoff point, if they haven’t already

It appears to be time for me to get back to doing some preliminary data gathering for my thesis in my spare time: Web newspaper blog traffic triples in Dec.-study (via Reuters) “Blog pages accounted for 13 percent of overall visits to newspaper sites in [December 2006], up from 4 percent a year earlier. Total […]

I was in Boston all weekend, cut me some slack

I was in Boston all weekend. First time really walking around in the city. It felt a lot like New York, except that people in Red Sox hats kept popping up everywhere. Where do these people think they are? Is that guy wearing a Patriots shirt? WTF? Every time I go to a new vegetarian […]

How to juggle multimedia and Digg interactivity

In two back-channel online news discussions this week, folks have been debating how newspapers should be gathering video and how they should handle comment moderation. The video discussion among Howard Owens, Mindy McAdams, and others, is notable because the question is no longer IF newspapers should be running video online (Yes) or HOW they should […]

Blogging is a community strategy, not a publishing platform

Kevin Anderson, blog editor at the super-blog-happy Guardian newspaper across the pond, writes: “Newspaper publishers and broadcasters often fall into the trap of trying to understand new media behaviour through old media paradigms. Podcasting becomes another distribution channel, and blogging becomes another publishing platform. Adding comments to the bottom of stories or columns is a […]

A slice of newspaper blog life

Danny Sanchez at Journalistopia reports on a newspaper blog panel at the National Writers’ Workshop in Fort Lauderdale. His takeaways are a small sample of what reporters-who-blog think about what they do, and how they do it. My favorite: “Don’t take the writing on your blog for granted. Streeter once got 90 comments from rabid […]