Newspaper blogs appear to be hitting the takeoff point, if they haven’t already

It appears to be time for me to get back to doing some preliminary data gathering for my thesis in my spare time:
Web newspaper blog traffic triples in Dec.-study (via Reuters)

“Blog pages accounted for 13 percent of overall visits to newspaper sites in [December 2006], up from 4 percent a year earlier. Total visitors to the top newspaper sites rose 9 percent to 29.9 million.”

Those are awfully pleasant numbers.

Somewhere in my laptop, there’s a spreadsheet giving me the evil eye right now; it’s half-full of data on newspaper blogs.

My side projects at this point are starting to outnumber my work and school projects – Well, maybe not my work projects, but you get the idea. And of course, I’ve been blogging a bit more the last week or so, keeping me away from wrapping up any of the side projects. Now where was that post about procrastination?

Move along, nothing to see here…

1 thought on “Newspaper blogs appear to be hitting the takeoff point, if they haven’t already”

  1. I haven’t spent enough time on newspaper blogs. It’s interesting, though, to see the difference in how some are used. The ones I like tend to add to their coverage; my least favorite seem to just be trying to pull in more web traffic without actually offering more.

    Tim Johnson of McClatchy and IHT’s Managing Globalization are good ones.


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