Links that redefine news

Wednesday night, I’ll be speaking with Steve Sloan’s New Media class at San Jose State University. I’m planning to show off some of the best of your work. Yes, you. I’m looking for online news sites and projects that stray from the traditional definition of news. I’m assuming these journalism students get enough Gloom & […]


At the end of 2007, Howard Owens* published a blog post outlining a year-long program he called 2008 objectives for today‚Äôs non-wired journalist. A few of the objectives: Become a blogger. Start shooting your own pictures. Do the same with video. Join social networks. Howard soon started fielding e-mails and requests for guidance from reporters […]

Imagination is everywhere

Scott Karp says part of the problem with the newspaper business has been its lack of imagination: “Nobody imagined that somebody would be so recklessly uncapitalistic as to create a website where people could post classified ads for free. Nobody imagined that an online software company specializing in information retrieval, but which produced no information […]