Imagination is everywhere

Scott Karp says part of the problem with the newspaper business has been its lack of imagination:

“Nobody imagined that somebody would be so recklessly uncapitalistic as to create a website where people could post classified ads for free. Nobody imagined that an online software company specializing in information retrieval, but which produced no information of its own, could create the largest market for small business advertising that the world has ever seen.”

If your newspaper heart needs a little warming after a weekend of gloom and doom, here are a few places to look for an incredible amount of imagination — on the editorial side of the newspaper, if not always the business side:

What are the news sites that inspire you? And where are the papers pushing the envelope when it comes to verticals and local search? Is hyperlocal the way to compete with Craig/eBay/Google?

7 thoughts on “Imagination is everywhere”

  1. I’d add the Shelby Star … reporter shot video and lots of blogs and the beginning of a new spirit to experiment. for user participation, conversation and blogs, too. for maps/mashups, too. for a whole host of reasons.

    Hardford Courant for it’s Pets vertical.

    Any number of Gannett papers for the Info Center.

    SignOnSanDiego for its local music radio station.


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