5 important things that happened in the last 10 days

In no particular order, with little commentary, and limited accuracy on that whole “10 days” concept: Google Friend Connect: Just the tip of the iceberg. YouTube Citizen News: Aggregate, aggregate, aggregate. Disqus + Seesmic Video Comments: Say it, don’t spray it? MySpace and Facebook data availability: Bring your profile to the party. 3G iPhone coming […]

The difference between Facebook friends and Twitter friends

I’ll add you as a Facebook friend just because we went to elementary school together, even if we don’t really have anything to talk about anymore. I’ll add you as a Twitter friend just because we have something to talk about, even if I have no idea where you went to elementary school.

A few ways to teach the Pro side of Pro-Am Journalism to J-School students

Jay Rosen was just on stage talking about NewAssignment.net (see his lessons learned post at PressThink), and one thing that comes up is training on both the Pro and the Amateur side to smooth the process of writing/editing stories and gathering/parsing data. So how can J-School students who need to learn these new skills (this […]

I don’t care what journalists are reading; I care what they’re writing

Scott Karp and friends (and those are some pretty smart friends) are up to something interesting, but I sure as heck can’t tell what it is based on a rambling post at the new publish2.com. It sounds like something that’s supposed to clean up all the doubling and overlapping of social networks the media blogger […]