The difference between Facebook friends and Twitter friends

I’ll add you as a Facebook friend just because we went to elementary school together, even if we don’t really have anything to talk about anymore.

I’ll add you as a Twitter friend just because we have something to talk about, even if I have no idea where you went to elementary school.

6 thoughts on “The difference between Facebook friends and Twitter friends”

  1. And if you’re Robert Scoble there’s no difference. You’ll keep whining about the number of friends limitations until they let you add everyone with a Twitter/Facebook account. Sorry… couldn’t help it 😉


  2. ya, i don’t like FB much at all, klunky interface too. Makes my mac look like a PC, not to mention the issue you speak of. Twitter is dynamic, instant, rapore building and friendly in nature. FB has big conversation walls IMO. Twitter is powerful and trivial at the same time. External links via tinyurl to seesmics, blogs, other places implies scale-ability within structure, and the simple structure keeps the appeal and content under control that we can all handle.

    twitter makes things happen.

    FB is not appealing platform to me to maintain conversations. FB = boxy + rigid design, + tacky ads = thumbs down.


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