11 websites that should never, ever have a Facebook open graph read action that tells my friends what I am looking at on the Internet

Gawker Deadspin Most other Gawker sites, really. Reddit TMZ Amazon Any website mentioning the name “Hunter Moore” Every alternative weekly ever. Yahoo News Slideshows YouTube Anything still hosted at a blogspot.com domain  

The other young gentleman in the sweatshirt running a social network is Moot

Striking, isn’t it, how Moot appears to be some sort of anti-matter to Mark Zuckerberg’s matter? How Facebook and 4chan can simultaneously be ubiquitous, but you’re much more likely to admit to an account on one than the other? In the throes of my constant and ongoing research and curiosity about comments and commenting systems, […]

Taking Egypt personally

Although it’s quickly getting pushed out of the news cycle by the Super Bowl and its commercial trappings, plus a big digital media acquisition immediately in the wake of the weekend, the story in Egypt has captured my attention for the last two weeks or so. Why? It’s not really the politics. At this point, […]

5 important things that happened in the last 10 days

In no particular order, with little commentary, and limited accuracy on that whole “10 days” concept: Google Friend Connect: Just the tip of the iceberg. YouTube Citizen News: Aggregate, aggregate, aggregate. Disqus + Seesmic Video Comments: Say it, don’t spray it? MySpace and Facebook data availability: Bring your profile to the party. 3G iPhone coming […]