I’m strongly leaning toward dropping the “Invisible Inkling” brand from this blog entirely, in an effort to appear moderately less pretentious.

I am fully aware that using three adverbs in the previous sentence — and writing it at all, not to mention this one, makes it difficult to make the “less pretentious” argument with any level of confidence, so let’s just pretend you didn’t read that part.

Reaching back into the archives of this here blog, it looks like the switch from “Ryan Sholin’s J-School Blog” to “Invisible Inkling” happened in September 2006 when I was done with most of my graduate school classes and had started looking for a full-time job. I suppose I wanted this thing to appear to be a bit *more* professional, and thus, dropped the j-school reference so I wouldn’t look like an undergraduate of some sort. (No offense.)

From the bit I wrote about “so what’s an inkling, anyway?” that day:

“The newspaper business is changing, and so is journalism education, and so are the technological paradigms that supposedly mark the boundaries of both. So, as the nineteenth-century rapid/mass communication method of ink-on-paper dries up, it’s time to go stand under the waterfall of clues, open your mouth and your ears, and see how the information flows.”

Writing! Yay. OK, so I think we’re all in agreement that I can drop the double-I brand, and put something succinct and to the point like, say, my name in the top-left corner of my blog.

Plus, I’m sure children’s book author Emily Jenkins and Harper Collins will be pleased.

Twitter take-up Tuesday brought me Clarence

I’m not going to go into much detail or analysis of what happened to Twitter today, other to point out that this blog post by Jeremiah Owyang started it and became a hub for at least 300 people to connect to each other, and thus to each other’s networks.

“Quite simply, my whole hustle is that,
‘I do me’.” — Clarence

I enjoyed making some new Twitter friends (20 or so), got a good answer to a good question, answered another one, promoted myself (hi new blog readers!) and then Eric Rice led me to DYKC.

And my day was made.

From a recent blog post at Do You KNOW Clarence:

“Whenever I meet new people, one of the first things they ask me regarding Do You KNOW Clarence? is what I do. Maybe the assumption is that since I’ve developed this brand, I must do something that warrants spotlighting myself with a clever tagline. Quite simply, my whole hustle is that, ‘I do me’.”

And he does. Subscribed.

So if you haven’t posted a comment on Jeremiah’s post with your Twitter link yet, go do so now, and find some interesting people in that thread to follow.