Day five

Weekends can be tricky! But the streak must go on. There aren’t any tweets in my Notes file today, but this might’ve been a good self-deprecating thought, whether or not it’s original: Y’know, for someone who likes to avoid conflict, I sure do enjoy replaying every one in my head over and over again. Photo […]

Day four

Me: Has a stubborn cold throughout holiday season. Also me: Stubbornly consumes a large percentage of the gluten, sugar, and dairy laden holiday foods in the house. Every time I’ve opened Twitter on my desktop this week, it’s 90 percent people dunking on people and 10 percent AOC dancing. Guess which I prefer? I’m allowing […]

Day two

Back to work means back at my laptop all day, with too easy access to Twitter and Facebook and all the rest, but it was great to spend a bunch of focused time catching up on email and other research after the holidays. has TV commercials now, which is both wild and refreshing: What […]

Day one

Deleted FB, Messenger, and Twitter from my phone. Here's to leaving things behind in 2018! — Ryan “Seasonal Rotation” Sholin (@ryansholin) January 1, 2019 It’s the first day of the year 2019, and for Reasons, I have deleted Facebook, FB Messenger, and Twitter from my phone in recent days. It hasn’t been entirely unpleasant! But […]

What to do when the World Cup is over, 2018 edition

In 2010, the first World Cup where I really paid attention to my own country’s team and cheered them on in a more-than-casual way, I was crushed after they lost to Ghana in the Round of 16, and I wrote this post about what to do next to keep paying attention to soccer, while being an […]