Tools for News: Chris Amico’s new database of online news tools

Behind the scenes at Wired Journalists, a few of us have been talking for some time about the need for an all-encompassing database of online tools for news, featuring tutorials, examples, ratings, and reviews.

Chris Amico has made a solid run at building out the guts of it, launching his Tools for News this week.


Looks pretty simple, but there are lots of little pivot points in the data, so you can register, leave a comment about a tool, add a link to an example of how a tool has been used before, or to a tutorial about the tool, etc…  I’m hoping to see some basic rating systems added as well, and probably support for OpenID or Facebook Connect or another alternate auth system.

How about an automatically created widget for each tool with vital stats, links, and an activity feed for the page?

I’m full of requests for this thing – Chris has been awesome about fielding feedback on this project.  Check out his blog post about it here.

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