On IdeaLab: The Pitch mashes up journalists, bloggers, and social media types in Seattle

Over at IdeaLab, an IM interview with Jason Preston of Eat Sleep Publish about a series of events he’s organizing called “The Pitch.”

The premise?  Put together some of the smartest, most engaged, passionate thinkers about the changing media landscape in a room, buy them a few drinks, and let the conversation flow.


“And I think that there’s a lot to be gained from putting old school journalists and publishers (good reporting skills, contacts, and they RUN the freaking business) in a room with bloggers and new media types (who might not know the first thing about journalism, but who seem to instinctively *get* the internet).”

Check it out.  If in you’re in Seattle, you can RSVP for the Dec. 10 event here.

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