Innovation is easy.

Here’s a PDF of the short presentation I made at SND in Las Vegas a couple weeks ago.

Innovation is easy

It’s remarkably simple.  I think I waved my arms a lot to fill up my five minutes.

This presentation goes well with the list of mostly free online news tools I posted a couple weeks ago, as well.  That seems to be generating a lot of traffic, which tells me there are still a ton of people out there who need a toolbox like this to work and play with.

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3 replies on “Innovation is easy.”

  1. “Embed this.”

    Sounds vaguely provocative, perhaps even a PG-13 taunt.

    But surely embedding is just one way to innovate.

    Failing fast is the key, but it’s not clear that other peoples tools are the solution. There a good start but likely just a start.

  2. @Bold Lentil — “…it’s not clear that other peoples tools are the solution.”

    I agree — long-term — but if you’re talking about experimenting in online news, especially at smaller organizations with zero developers on staff, you’re talking about a choice between using what’s out there and re-inventing the wheel.

    I, for one, am highly opposed to re-inventing the wheel.

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