Cambridge, MA is full of really, really smart people, yes?

Stata Center at MIT

The Stata Center at MIT.

Highlights so far from the first evening and night at the Center for Future Civic Media:

  • As usual when I show up for these things, putting dozens of online “friends” into the friend-met category.  People like Amy Gahran, JD Lasica, Ethan Zuckerman, Brian and Ryan from Rich Gordon’s teach-programmers-journalism project at Northwestern, and……. yeah, so trying to make this list means I’m leaving a bunch of people out, obviously, but you’re all frickin’ amazing.
  • Henry Jenkins talking about the parallels between Spock and Obama.
  • Checking out the MIT research projects.  Gotta love the guy who gave a dorm full of undergrads hacked iPhones so he could study how their music sharing habits match up with their calling habits and physical proximity to friends.

Plenty more live-tweeting on Twitter, today, I’m sure.  Look for the #futurecivic hashtag somewhere like to follow the conversation.

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