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Like many readers of blogs about the news business, I started big. As in, with the big guys, the heavy hitters, the bloggers who showed up in Romenesko and were hard to ignore. The Jays and Jeffs and Dans of the media blog world.

I’ve dramatically expanded my reading list since then, but meeting journalists and bloggers through Wired Journalists has led me to even more.

Here are a few you should add to your reading list if you’re ready for some expansion:

Enjoy. Follow those links down the rabbit hole, find more unsung media blog heroes, and add your own list here or, hey, on your own blog.

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  1. Hi Ryan,
    Scoble turned me on to your website and I think it’s great. We’d love to link up with you over at PitchEngine where we talking the same language from a PR and media perspective in house and out. I’ll spread the word!

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