How do you cover snow?

{In the spirit of this whole carnival atmosphere, I’m going to post links to my fellow circus acts as my mental and temporal bandwidth allow today.}

Yoni Greenbaum has some suggestions for how a local newspaper might bring readers into the fold when it comes to covering the weather. Apparently, Back East you people have something white and frosty you call ‘snow’ and I hear there’s quite a bit of it coming down as I type this.

Yoni says:

“I believe that editors should start by treating weather events (in this case a snow storm) as an online story and as the day progresses, pick the best and the most relevant content to appear in print. They should ask what would readers want to read the day AFTER the snow storm, what do they need to know about the weather event they just lived through and what would be useful to them going forward?”

So, snowbound friends, how are you covering today’s storm?

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