Wired Journalists in Cedar Rapids weathered the floods

Remember back awhile when I mentioned how some seriously wired journalists were bubbling up to the surface at WJ.com? Yeah, I specifically called out Matt Neznanski and Jason Kristufek, didn’t I? Here’s Matt interviewing Jason about running the online operations at the Cedar Rapids Gazette during the floods: “Q: Had you already put into place […]

10 blogs your newspaper needs to rip off

I’m making a short list of frequently updated news blogs published by mainstream news organizations that post breaking news and link out to other sources. If you run a newspaper.com and you don’t have a blog like this to put together links and short updates, ask yourself why not. These are all great examples of […]

How do you cover snow?

{In the spirit of this whole carnival atmosphere, I’m going to post links to my fellow circus acts as my mental and temporal bandwidth allow today.} Yoni Greenbaum has some suggestions for how a local newspaper might bring readers into the fold when it comes to covering the weather. Apparently, Back East you people have […]

Map thyself

{Carnival! There’s a journalism blog carnival under way, hosted — if you can wrap your head around that concept — by the folks at Scribblesheet, some sort of collaborative writing tool I haven’t had a chance to look at yet. Here’s a review of their product at the Online Journalism Blog.} I’ve written pretty extensively […]