Go register for Publish2 now

Publish2, a social network for journalists, is now taking beta registrations. I highly recommend you, Journalist, go sign up right now.

For a brief explanation/exploration, check out the Beatblogging post where David Cohn puts it like this:

“Think of it as a Poynter 2.0: There is a core niche of journalism, but it is a space to connect to other people and share important ideas and information with them. It could have a tangible benefit to their work.”

It’s the “tangible benefit” part that excites me the most about this and inspired me to start drawing up plans for ReportingOn, which I envision as something closer to Twitter-for-journalists and Digg-for-readers rather than the Digg/Delicious sweet spot that Publish2 is trying to hit.

The thought of reporters strewn all over the city/state/country/world sharing notes on issues and building up context for local stories is The Right Idea; it’s what the Web is for.

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