Brainstorms, in no particular order

Ideas bubbling to the surface on a sunny Saturday…

  • Has Joe Weiss ever thought about building a hosted Soundslides service, where users could upload their publish-to-web folder and get a friendly piece of embed code spit back out at them? Plus, of course, anyone could browse through any uploaded Soundslides show, and embed it on their own site.
  • I might build out the first iteration of ReportingOn in Drupal, with the intent of learning Drupal.
  • A newspaper’s greatest asset in trying to build community? News stories. Leverage exiting content by tying reader comments to profiles. Reward readers for participation by giving them an easier way to save, tag, and interact with your stories. Thus, the water cooler effect is built not by an editor tagging something as a water cooler story, but by readers proving it directly with conversation.

All three of these ideas need some fleshing out. That’s where you come in.

3 thoughts on “Brainstorms, in no particular order”

  1. Your idea about a hosted Soundslides service came up in conversation here just a couple of days ago amongst some photographers… surprised it hasn’t happened already.


  2. If you do go with Drupal – we should talk. I am a fan of its flexiblity and how it can scale.

    We should talk about the ReportingOn idea in general. I think we are both submitting ideas to the knight news challenge that are similar. But then again – I have no idea what you are submitting.


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