Three blog posts I haven’t had the time to write yet

These are not un-busy times.

Without further explanation or caveat, here are a few things kicking around in my head, if not necessarily in pixels just yet:

  • What Are You Reporting On?: An explanation of the idea and how the Twitter ID, the Facebook group, the blog, the Knight News Challenge grant application, and the allusions here all come together in my head. I won’t post more about it until I’ve drawn something up, because without that, I’m not sure anyone is really understanding what I’m talking about.
  • Mine, mine, mine: A simple Digg-ish profiley vision for what a user’s digital identity should look like at a All I really want are bookmarked stories, because most readers actually don’t use Delicious or Digg or Reddit, etc. Give them somewhere to save stories on your site, and tie that ID in to the registration and login you require for everything else. This is a key feature that will get users to follow your reg/login rules for commenting systems, says I.
  • Cheering up SJSU’s photojournalism majors: Prof. Michael Cheers, one way or another, appears to be getting things done at SJSU. I’d love to interview him in something as simple as e-mail or complicated (and suitable) as an audio slideshow (when I have time) about changes, additions, summer programs and partnerships. Good things are cooking there, I hear.

If you’ve got ideas or input about any of these ideas, feel free to start blathering on about them before I do.

3 thoughts on “Three blog posts I haven’t had the time to write yet”

  1. Ryan, I think the “Digg-ish profiley vision for what a user’s digital identity should look like at a” is a great project, because saving the stories I like from that particular site would be not so much a boon for me — but for people who look me up. I wouldn’t care so much about my own list, but if I saw an intriguing comment by someone, and I went to his/her profile, I might discover some muy cool stuff. THAT I would like!


  2. Exactly – And given the (high?) number of users who will use an ’email-this-story’ function, I think ‘share-this-story’ goes just as far, especially if those shared stories start becoming a part of your online profile.


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