What’s your online newsroom’s emergency plan?

Roanoke has been doing everything right online on the Virginia Tech story. Breaking news, multimedia, everything at once, plus, the one thing most of us never think too much about, keeping the servers running.

Here’s how they did it.

I hate to ask this question, but what’s your online emergency plan in the event of a server-melting breaking news story?

If you’re a shooter, is there someone back at the office who can edit what you shoot? Got an army of interns to run flash cards and tapes back and forth? Or do you just grab a laptop with all the software you need and send back images/video/text/audio as you gather and edit it? Do you have one of those just sitting around? A few point & shoots to throw at reporters?

The more I think about it, the less sleep I’m going to get, so I’ll leave it at that. (Note to self: Make emergency plan…)

3 thoughts on “What’s your online newsroom’s emergency plan?”

  1. Great question, Ryan. This is one of the reasons I think more people need at least *some* multimedia training – so they can pitch in when there’s a huge story like this.


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