Five things you might not know about me, but now I’ll tell you and ruin the opportunity to tell you these stories properly later

Okay. First things first, I don’t usually play the blog-tag game, and calling these things “memes” always makes me, Saussure, and Debord throw up a little in our mouths, as the saying goes.

Does that count as the first thing? No?

Fine. Here goes:

  1. I spent my 21st birthday in Central Booking in Manhattan. Lesson learned: Being the loudest guy at the protest has consequences, no matter how diplomatic you are when you talk to the cops all day long. Takeaway? I’m hardcore.
  2. I have done quite a few of the silly-name jobs in the movie business. I can explain in painfully exquisite detail what a Gaffer does, how that differs from a Key Grip’s job, why you should stay out of the Dolly Grip’s way, and how there can possibly be more than one Best Boy.
  3. I self-published a book — in second grade — about Brisam, a hooded warrior of some sort who had a really cool sword and was on a mission to get some sort of special water out of a mountain. This was for a class, but it sounds like D&D was an influence.
  4. I met my wife in the middle of nowhere, working on a movie that was never finished, for a friend who ended up suing the director to get paid. The town was small, and the crew was large, so we became a bit of an attraction everywhere we went. There’s even a poem about a few of us leaving the bar (look for the one titled “Lured into…”)one of those nights. Not pictured in the poem? My wife.
  5. At the karaoke bar, I’m a rock star. Three words: Minnie the Moocher. Don’t try stealing my Cab Calloway routine, either.

There. That only took me five minutes hours days.

Why did I do this? Well, Jay tagged Howard tagged Will tagged me (and Will tagged Danny tagged me). You can dig back further into that thread if you want, but if you really want to go down that rabbit hole, I’ve got a blonde joke for you.

Moving right along, it is now my pleasure to tag the following five bloggers:

Yes, it’s an all-SJSU lineup. What I really want to see is the five of them each link to five bloggers who aren’t on this list already… 🙂 Bring it on, and Happy Everything.

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  1. […] There. So now who shall I burden with this task? The major disadvantage of waiting ten days to respond to being tagged by a meme is that just about every blogger I read has already played. A quick search of my RSS shows that much of my regular reading list has already succumbed. Amanda Congdon, Jeff Jarvis, Howard Owens, Mindy McAdams, Andy Dickinson, Peter Krasilovsky, Matt Waite, Danny Sullivan, Ryan Sholin, Lucas Grindley, Ethan Zuckerman, Euan Semple, Tim O’Reilly, Anthony Mayfield, Rebecca MacKinnon, K. Paul Mallash, Danny Sanchez have all told us their five things already. Will Sullivan set the bar pretty high with a great two-part response, and Susan Mernitt has a nice roundup of her favourite responses. […]


  2. Your’e on. I’m just back from break and ready to tag the world. Speaking of which, have you checked out Gilpin’s blog, he’s just got the online bug and it shows. Hope your break was awesome. I hope you’re not having to play catchup online too – it’s insane how much content there is that never stops coming. Cheers.


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